the Containerization Journey

of Stateful Applications.

IOMesh is a cloud-native storage system that has extreme performance and strong reliability. It advances Kubernetes infrastructure to support the most demanding stateful applications and data services.

Use Cases

Containers as a Service

Speed up your application development and delivery in container environments.

Database as a Service

Ensure node-level high availability with minimal or no downtime.


Provide persistent storage to Virtual Machines running in Kubernetes Pods.

Why IOMesh?

Simplify the Complexity of DevOps

Integrated with Kubernetes perfectly, IOMesh allows DevOps teams to manage both applications and storage systems by using the most popular Kubernetes tools. You can easily adapt critical applications to the modern cloud era with existing knowledge.

Scale as You Grow

IOMesh can start small from a three-node cluster and scale up or out by flexibly adding disks or nodes online, without interfering with running applications.

High Performance

IOMesh enables IO-intensive applications, such as databases or other data services, to run more efficiently in container environments. The battle-tested storage could provide extreme performance to applications demanding high I/O throughputs and low I/O latencies.

Automated Tiered Storage

IOMesh allows flexible deployment with a mixture of SSD and HDD, to make full use of both performance and capacity of different storage media and provide high cost-effectiveness.

No Kernel Dependencies

IOMesh runs in the user space without introducing additional kernel modules, thus preventing catastrophic system failures.


Install IOMesh with One Line of Code

After installation, a 30-day trial license will be automatically generated.
You can also get a perpetual Community Edition license for free later.
Read Docs to explore more. Or join IOMesh community on Slack!